At Asante, we are problem-solvers. To find effective, sustainable solutions we must first understand the problem faced by rural poor.

The Problem

There exists a tremendous gap for the rural farmer in Africa that put her at a severe disadvantage.  The result is underutilized land and low profits.  To help the farmer, we have to help them overcome these gaps to become more productive.

The Gaps

  • Information Gap:  Farmers do not have access to market prices for their crops, nor do they have access to latest techniques or equipment to efficiently farm crops.  They don’t know the best way to grow nor how to access the proper inputs
  • Market Gap:  Farmers do not know what to grow, what is in demand, or how to access the markets.  They are often isolated and without means to connect to any viable markets
  • Financing Gap:  Farmers don’t have the funds to clear their land, purchase inputs or hire tractor time or get proper training
  • Water Gap:  Farmers are reliant upon the rain to irrigate crops thus at the mercy of Mother Nature.  Crops come to market at the same time driving prices low with oversupply
  • The Insurance Gap: If the rains don’t come, the crops get invaded by pests, or a family member gets sick or dies, the farmer and family are done.  There is no buffer, no back-up, no insurance—there is no money and there is no food,