Our Model

We help farmers become more productive by addressing the gaps farmers' face.

  • We own our own demonstration farms to produce income and teach proper farm management techniques to address the info gap
  • We form or partner with and manage farmer associations/co-ops to provide solidarity and a voice for the farmer
  • We provide financing to the small-holder farmer through a partnership with Kiva to address the finance gap
  • Loan provides farmer with training on ag techniques, inputs, such as seedlings and fertilizer, access to equip to clear land and plant, working capital to plant, maintain and harvest
  • We provide a guaranteed market We purchase all the farmer crops at a premium price and do value-added processing to sell finished goods in international markets
  • We reinvest back into community for economic development.  Funds are controlled by farmer association committee.  May be used for equipment, education, water or health
  • We are demand-driven.  We partner with proven multi-national companies with established and growing market.