The Kinango project will be carried out in Kwale county Kinango ward / sub-district in the south-east of Kenya. This is a semi-arid region with minimal rainfall and requires very hardy trees and crops to survive. Poverty is very high and development projects have been in other sectors like health and education with very little focus on agriculture despite the immense land resources in thearea.We plan to plant 1,000,000 Melia Volkensii trees intercropped with maize, green grams and cow peas, working with thousands of rural farmers.



We are working with hundreds of moringa farmers in the Kishushe area near Voi, east of Mombasa. It is a very remote  area that borders the Tsavo West Wildlife Reserve.  The farmers here have to deal with elephant and other wildlife destroying their crops.



Asante owns hundreds of acres of land on the south coast where we have planted eucalyptus, melia, teak and other tropical hardwood trees. We work with the South Coast Forestry Association of tree growers on the south coast, south of Mombasa. We work in Lunga Lunga Shimba Hills, Majoreni Mchingirini areas working with hundreds of ginger and moringa farmers. Our first wood processing operations are located in Ukunda and Bombolulu areas.