Jane is a single mother struggling to survive as a cook and micro-entrepreneur. She had 3 acres of idle land that was given to her by her family many years ago. In 2013 Asante Foundation encouraged Jane to plant eucalyptus trees on her idle land as a way to build wealth and provide education for her children. With the help of Asante, she planted 1,300 trees.

Fast forward two years. In 2015, Jane lost her means of employment due to her health. She needed two hip replacements and could not work as her job required standing all day. She could barely get out of bed. Of course, she couldn’t afford the $10,000 hip replacement surgery. However, Jane had value in her trees which were now over 2 years old. She was able to borrow against the future value of those trees to pay for the surgery. Her trees provided the insurance she needed which is often lacking with the poor. When something goes wrong, there is no cushion, no reserve, nowhere to turn. Because she had planted those trees, she was able to get healthy and she is now back at work as a cook and has also expanded into ginger farming. She will tell you she is so happy and blessed by God and grateful for the Asante Tree Farms Model that has improves her life and allowed her to educate her children by increasing her income.