• Annual crop with high yields
  • Grows well on the coast of Kenya
  • Easy to grow for out-growers
  • ~ $3000 + per acre revenue potential
  • Farmers receive  a Kiva loan of $500/half acre to cover inputs, labor and tractor time necessary to plant crop.  Loan is repaid when crop is harvested after  ~ 7 months
  • Ginger essential oil in high demand with multiple health benefits mainly for digestive health
  • Oil produced from the root
  • Ginger root also in demand as spice in Kenya, India and Asia

Asante grows ginger for the value essential oil its root can produce.  The oil is distilled by a state-of-the-art facility on the south coast of Kenya.  Our partner, doTERRA, distributes the oils internationally and pays a 10% premium which goes into a community development fund managed by the community to support education, microfinance and water products in the local villages